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To Protect an Open Mind and Heart.

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Welcome to World Templar

World Templar is a common platform for individuals and organizations to seek higher knowledge from each other. We focus on the "oneness that joins us" to develop a more diverse understanding of our selves, our interests, and our professions. Each different perspective that we grasp is valuable to understanding the common threads that exist between our traditions and beliefs.

World Templar promotes oneness between diverse people without discrimination on the basis of race, color, National origin, religion, sex, marital status, age or disability. All members are dedicated to the betterment of humankind through seeking an open disposition with friends, colleagues, and others across the world.

The templar recognizes that the Mind and Heart (temple within us) are "sovereign” to an individual -- and we each develop our thoughts and feelings in our own unique way. We recognize the different perspectives that exist in other people and value the common threads that exist within our diversity.

The primary focus of World Templar is to support your higher learning as an unique individual. What we learn from our own experience is important, but it is even greater to consider what we can learn from the experience of other perspectives. Exposure to different viewpoints is not always easy because it is our nature to be comfortable with what is familiar to us -- and, as we all know, interacting with people with different perspectives or beliefs can be uncomfortable at times. Humanity demands that we learn to manage our interpersonal and inter-cultural relationships to stabilize the world today, and to invest in our oneness so we can flourish together tomorrow.

Semper Apertus
"always open"

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